Sorry, my lovelies.
After careful consideration, I've reached a decision that is ultimately of the highest benefit to me. With university just around the corner, I'd like to focus my time and efforts elsewhere and therefore: I am putting this blog to bed. Katherine has been one hell of a character muse to portray for two years, so I can only imagine that stopping will be a hard habit to break-- but it certainly has been a long time coming. All in all, the fandom proved to be too testing for me, and I don't wish to grow bitter and leave on a bad note. Let me just thank all of my writing partners, past and present, for accompanying me in this wonderful writing journey. I appreciate the lengths that I managed to take this blog and character, I could have never imagined the character development and creative insight I have received. Thank you for challenging me every day to become a better writer. May all of my followers embark onto new chapters of their lives with happiness-- and if you ever fancy a chat, I have linked my whereabouts above. :)